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M o r i `



B i o g r a f i 

Tony Mori
Born in Japan in 1972


1976 - 1990 Self-development within drawing, painting, poem, music and its nature.

1990 - 1991 Basic drawing - Arts and Craft.

1991 - 1993 Visuell Communication - Graphic design.

1993 - 1994 Visuell Communication - Graphic design.

1994 - 2015 Self-realization within depth of technique, expression, hand in hand with life and its  growth.
2015 - 2020 Depth of ART and it’s history ( by Manfred Evertz )


Art is like life it self. It's hard and challenging in every way and always in motion which makes art so interesting for me. To be able to express my ovn truth, feelings, thoughts and themes true both abstract and figurative expressions, is what drives and motivates me both in my works and in life it self. 

Its also important for me that every work has to possess a depth of truth in every structure and expression before it leaves the studio for further exhibitions or sales. 

Since Mori is the definition of forest where everything has a beginning and an end. Also the definition of death in latin. I like to use material that represent both life and death and the movement of it. The main ingredients in almost every work is ash, soil, water, extreme heat that represent life it self and is a trademark for my work. In addition to this i use acrylic, oil, straw, clay, moss, sawdust, glue and iron. 

Artists who inspire me:

Rembrandt 1606 - 1669

Edvard Munch 1863 - 1944

Alberto Burri 1915 - 1995

Gerhard Richter 1932

Odd Olaf Nerdum 1944

Anselm Kiefer 1945

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